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How To Run Your Own Coffee Shop In Thailand

How To Run Your Own Coffee Shop In Thailand

Coffee is appreciated the world over and as the sun comes up, people everywhere are preparing for their first cup of the day, which gives you the energy to perform to your highest level. We’ve all experienced the occasional morning when, for some reason, coffee is not an option and that has a negative effect.

If you are among those who couldn’t start the day without coffee, better make a living out of it. You can open a small coffee shop wherever you are in Thailand or wherever you are currently located in the world.

Registering A Coffee Shop Business

When in Thailand, for example, if you use Vize Counselor legal services in Bangkok, the process of registering your business is smooth. You can then plan your launch with some confidence. Whether this is a sole venture, or you have a Thai partner, registering the business with the Thai government ensures that you fully comply with the complex laws. If you are planning to employ local labour, there is a process that must be followed and your lawyer can brief you on this. 

Trading Licence

Every retail business in the Kingdom of Thailand must have an operator’s licence, which must be displayed at your place of business. This is pretty straightforward if you enlist the services of a business law firm in Bangkok, plus they can assist you with long-term visas and work permits and can even source local employees.

Health & Safety

As you would expect, your coffee shop must pass hygiene inspections and if customers consume their beverages onsite, you need to have fire precautions. A government official would inspect the premises prior to issuing a licence. If you have a Thai partner, they would be able to arrange everything regarding local services, plus a Thai person better understand the market, making sure your marketing is on-point.

Bookkeeping & Accounts

Every business must keep records of all transactions and costs and you can source a local bookkeeper via your lawyer; this ensures that your tax returns are filed on time and that you are in full compliance of local laws.

Work Permit

If you wish to have a hands-on role, you will need to apply for a work permit; there are certain requirements for this and the lawyer would advise you accordingly. You may wish to manage the business from the background and have your Thai partner as the shop manager, which is normally how the business works.

Employment Laws

Once you hire someone, you are taking on employer liabilities and you are responsible for your workers. Your lawyer can advise you regarding employment, drafting terms and conditions of employment and making sure you are in compliance with government labour laws.


Of course, location is everything with a coffee shop; decide on an area that doesn’t have too many coffee shops and that has the passing trade. When you find a location that suits you, ask your lawyer to scan the lease contract. There are English-speaking lawyers in Bangkok who can advise you on every aspect of setting up the business.

Once you enlist the services of a lawyer, the rest is easy and your new venture will be the start of something special.

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